Make Your Transaction

Secure & Hassle-free

Whether you are a purchaser or seller

ScrutPay will ensure your transaction with the other unknown party is secure.


Smooth Transaction Process

This system is build to ensure all users having great experience during the transaction proces.

Tranquility are assured for every transaction.



Buyer and Seller agree to perform transaction



Buyer perform payment using ScrutPay



Seller deliver goods or service to buyer


Release Payment

Buyer happy and release payment


Receive Payment

Seller receive the payment


Platform for any size of transaction

No matter how big or small your transaction is. ScrutPay will ensure your transaction never been more transparent.


Impeccable track record for smooth transaction on any event


Experts help available with every step of transaction process


Refined procedures to ensure transactional efficiency


Monitor payment and every steps of transaction live without worries


Avoid any fraud or scam with our secure and trusted process


Prefered by many seller and buyer

Ginesh Saravanan, Perak

“Smooth and Easy”

“I would rate the transaction using SCRUTPay as very smooth and easy. There is no registeration required to use the service, which was a big plus for me.”

William Foo, Kuala Lumpur

“Safe and Secured”

“I tried to make a deal with a friend and we agreed on paying in advance. As soon as the deal was done, the seller paid me and deposited money into my account. Safe and secure”

Haikal Arsyad, Johor

“Great Support Service”

“I highly recommend using SCRUTPay for your upcoming transaction. Not only did I buy a car through them, but they were very thorough in explaining the steps of using the service and help keep me informed during the whole process.”

Mimi Erina, Johor

“Free Returns, No Hassles”

“With SCRUTPay, you'll never have to worry about losing money, your data or precious time. It's easy to quickly get your refund back when you are not satisfied with the transaction”

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